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Dedicated to the arts education and cultural enrichment of Manitou Springs & the Pikes Peak region and to creating an environment in which artists and arts organizations grow and thrive.
The Business of Art Center is designed to:
  • Facilitate the development of the artistic and business skills of artists by providing subsidized studio space, art classes, workshops, and business instruction; which will enable the artists to earn a living from their art work.
  • Increase public knowledge of art processes, art forms and issues through art exhibitions, lectures, tours, and demonstrations focusing on the tools, methods, and history of the art form.
  • Provide a stimulating creative environment which will contribute to the understanding and pleasure of art.
The Components of this program include:
  • Business Incubator - Offering low cost, equipped, shared studio space in a creative environment.
  • Business Institute - Offering a comprehensive business program taught by professionals in law, marketing, accounting, gallery relations, taxes, and public relations to improve artists business skills.
  • Art Institute - Offering classes, workshops, and seminars by regional and national artists.
  • Exhibition Galleries - Featuring works of art for public appreciation, study, and sale. Focusing on providing exposure for Colorado artists, and involving BAC studio artists in the practical issues of operating a gallery.
  • Gift Shop - Representing Colorado artists, which provides an opportunity for BAC studio artists to directly experience a retail business. The shop also provides earned income for the facility.
  • Educational Facility - Cultivating increased awareness and appreciation of the arts through education programs and interaction with artists.
  • Community Center - Serving Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak region and showcasing the rich cultural diversity of this area.
BAC History
The Business of Art Center was initiated in 1986 by Manitou Springs City planner, Paul Intemann. He recommended that the Manitou Springs City Council support a business incubator for artists, using as a model the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Through a powerful and unprecedented effort which brought together people from all facets of the community - the Business of Art Center opened its doors in October of 1988.
The BAC is situated in two renovated landmark buildings in Manitou Springs National Historic District.
Studio 513
The original building at 513 Manitou Avenue opened in 1988 and provides 13,000 square feet for 10 professionally equipped studios, 3 exhibition spaces, a retail shop, classrooms and office space. In addition, 12,000 exterior square feet provide space for parking, handicapped access, a kiln yard and sculpture garden.
Virginia Ginny Hagnauer wrote the first check to the BAC when it was only an idea. From that point on she became our most consistent and faithful supporter. Year in and year out she gave of her time, heart and money. Ginny served on the BAC Board of Directors for years. Every month she would show up with her car loaded with boxes and packing materials for us to use in our gift shop. She would walk through the BAC, go into the gallery and say if you will come by my house and show me where I can hang this piece, I'll buy it. Upon her death she once again gave of herself. Ginny made possible much of our programming and helped fund our new building, Venue 515. Part of the sale of her estate went to the BAC and for that we will be forever grateful. Because of her appreciation of art, her love of the BAC and the importance of never forgetting all that she has done for us, we have decided to name our main gallery in her honor - the Hagnauer Gallery. Thank you Ginny!
Venue 515
In 2001, a second building at 515 Manitou Avenue opened. This historically significant 12,000 square foot building features additional classrooms, meeting rooms, artists studios and office space. A central 2,500 square foot events room (Spencer Hall) hosts theater, music, conferences, receptions and special events. Additionally, there is a pocket history museum and incubator office space for several smaller non-profits.
Located in the historic town of Manitou Springs - a picturesque community of about 5,000, at the foot of Pikes Peak. The Business of Art Center is surrounded by vast mountain beauty, hiking trails, several creeks, mineral springs and the architectural diversity of the Manitou Springs Historic District providing an unsurpassed environment which has always attracted creative thinkers and artists.
Spencer Hall
The hall inside Venue 515, which houses theatre, concerts and community events has been named Spencer Hall. Spencer Penrose, creator of the Broadmoor, Pikes Peak Highway, and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, owned this building for his Pikes Peak Automobile Company, providing auto tours throughout the region for many years. El Pomar contributed $100,000 to help save this historic transportation building. In honor of Mr. Penrose and the El Pomar Foundation, we have chosen the name Spencer Hall.

Group Tours are Free and Encouraged
  • Arrange a guided tour and demonstratons for your school or organization.
  • New exhibitions every 4-6 weeks.
  • More than 350 artworks on display.
  • Watch Artists at work in several studios working in awide variety of media and styles.
  • View works by regional & local artists and craftspersons.
  • Excellent educational opportunities.
  • Call the BAC at 719- 685-1861 to discuss details and set up a day and time for your visit.